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Questions and answers regarding the ecolift


Is Ecolift safe?

KESSEL has more than 40 years of experience with protection against water load from the sewer. The technology is mature and has been proving itself for many years. The intelligent control has a self-diagnosis system which permanently monitors all the relevant safety functions. d the valve mechanism has a back-up battery in case of power failure.

Is Ecolift standard-compliant?

The use of hybrid lifting stations is not currently regulated by German standards. In Austria the new working principle has already been included in the standards. From April 1st 2015 on, Ö-Norm B 2501 regulates the use of backwater lifting stations and is now the trendsetter within Europe.

Industrial standards only ever deal with the latest technical standard at the time of publishing, they do not map innovations.

Innovative products can still be used, however. The comment on DIN 1986-100 states that it is necessary for reasons of technical development, economy, but also environmental protection and the efficient handling of primary energies to use new construction and engineering materials, components, designs andequipment. This allows for innovative solutions to be planned and used.

The field of application is regulated in the respective approval or to be agreed with the local authorities in individual cases. Ecolift has been awarded general technical approval no. Z-53.2-487, Ecolift XL has been awarded general technical approval no. Z-53.2-493.



Does KESSEL have approvals for Ecolift and Ecolift XL?

Yes, approval has already been granted for Ecolift (Z-53.2-487) and for Ecolift XL (Z-53.2-493).

Why has this principle of direct drainage not been used before?

Implemented in the products Pumpfix S, FKA, Pumpfix F the "direct drainage" method has been part of KESSEL’s philosophy for more than 30 years. Ecolift has been on the market for 3 years now, and Ecolift XL has been recently added to our range.

How much more efficient is Ecolift or Ecolift XL than a conventional lifting station?

The purchasing costs for an Ecolift hybrid lifting station are somewhat higher than those for a conventional lifting station, since the additional function for the gradient to the sewer and the valve mechanism are integrated.

If the costs for operation and maintenance are considered, however, direct drainage pays for itself very quickly.

How quiet is Ecolift in terms of dB(A)?

When the Ecolift is running, it has the same emission values as classic lifting stations from comparable manufacturers. However, the Ecolift does not run very often (only during backwater), which means it can hardly ever be heard. And when it is installed in an inspection chamber, no noise can be heard at all from the outside.

What happens if the building owner does not service Ecolift or have it serviced?

Ecolift has an intelligent self-diagnosis system which monitors reliable function. At the end of the day, the building owner is obliged to have the Ecolift serviced just like a conventional lifting station. Whereas lifting stations in commercial applications have to undergo quarterly maintenance, a six-month maintenance period is sufficient for Ecolift models.

How do insurance companies evaluate Ecolift in terms of natural hazard insurance of buildings?

In the event of damage, insurance companies check whether the products installed are standard-compliant or have valid approval. Ecolift has a valid approval. The approval is pending for the new Ecolift XL.

Am I protected just as reliably against backwater with Ecolift as with a lifting station?

Yes, and there is actually even more protection through drainage even in the event of a power failure (without backwater). Ecolift works according to the same principle as a conventional lifting station with pressure pipe and backwater loop. Ecolift XL offers the additional advantages of two motor-driven valves working independently of one another. The two control units connected in one separate control system are equipped with back-up battery and self-diagnosis system.

What experience is available? Does KESSEL have any references for Ecolift?

KESSEL has been selling the Ecolift principle for more than ten years in the field of customised solutions. Ecolift has been on sale as a standard series product for private buildings since 2011. Ten systems have been in use in commercial buildings for one and a half years – working safely and without problems.

Where can I use Ecolift?

Ecolift is the safe and economical alternative to the classic lifting station wherever there is a free gradient to the sewer.

Can rainwater be discharged via Ecolift XL?

As far as rainwater is concerned, the same normativeplanning conditions apply as for the classic lifting station, i.e. only if rainwater or surface water is discharged that occurs below the backwater level. Or if the relevant area from which rainwater is drained into the building does not exceed the standard (max. 5 m²). Renovation in existing buildings according to ÖNORM (Austrian standard) is permitted if it is not economically possible to separate the wastewater occurring above and below the backwater level.

Are Ecolift and Ecolift XL made in Germany?

Yes. All KESSEL products are 100% "Made in Germany".

What happens if the pump never runs? Is functional safety still guaranteed?

The intelligent SDS self-diagnosis system guarantees safe pump operation in the backwater case through permanent monitoring and by testing pump operation at specified intervals. In addition, all the components are subjected to a functional test during regular maintenance.

What are the Ecolift maintenance intervals?

Ecolift halves the maintenance effort compared to classic lifting stations by longer maintenance intervals.

What happens if the flap does not close 100%?

The Ecolift valve system is motor-driven, and there are even two valves when the system is used for wastewater containing sewage. This means double safety. In addition, the valve mechanism is SDS-monitored, has a back-up battery and end position detection feature. Reliable closure is guaranteed under all conceivable conditions.

How do I know which size of hybrid lifting station I need?

Ecolift is designed like a classic lifting station. SmartSelect, the calculation and configuration program from KESSEL, available at www.kessel.com, will help you with your selection.

Which switching volume does Ecolift need?

The switching volume is 20 litres plus the volume of the supply pipe.

How long can the pressure pipe be? And how large is the max. geodesic height?

Length of the pressure pipe: according to requirements. The maximum geodesic height is 4.5 m. In practice, it is very unlikely that sewers are deeper than this.

Who carries out the maintenance of the hybrid lifting stations Ecolift and Ecolift XL?

Any qualified sanitary or pipe cleaning specialist can service the Ecolift.

There are companies specialising in KESSEL appliances to be found in the KESSEL customer services network throughout Germany: wwww.kessel.de/service/dienstleistungen/einbaupartner

Does the pump work with a macerator or open passage?

The Ecolift has a macerator, the Ecolift XLdoes not. The Ecolift can be supplied without macerator on request.

How can I empty the pressure pipe? Is there an aeration device?

Yes, there is an aeration device fitted as standard in every system.

Do I need a shut-off valve in the supply pipe?

No, that is not necessary. We recommend setting a bubble on site if necessary during system maintenance.

Is connection to facility management technology possible?

Yes, either via a potential-free contact or a modem, if a text message can be processed by the facility management technology on site.