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The direct connection saves energy.

This is how much you can save!


Total wastewater discharged by

the public toilets at a railway station



Running time per week/6 days



Running time per year/52 weeks  



Pumping volume of an SPF 1500

with 3m lifting height


Running time per year


Pumping capacity 1.5 kW/h   

















Price of electricity  



8.32 m³/day   



49.92 m³



2595,84 m³/year




15 m³/h


173,06 h/year


0,3 €/kWh  



Electricity costs

Maintenance costs





SAVING per year

SAVING in 5 years


Lifting station

77,88 €/year

1000,00 €/year

200,00 €/year


1277,88 €/a



3,89 €/year

500,00 €/year

100,00 €/year


603,89 €/year


673,98 €

3.369,91 €

A lifting station always has to pump wastewater produced. This means it is constantly using energy.

The Ecolift hybrid lifting station only starts pumping when it is really needed. This saves power, resulting not only in a significantly better carbon footprint but also to a considerable economical advantage: it requires less maintenance and wears much more slowly.